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Ganymede is a race wrapped up in worker placement, bundled up in resource management. A pacey, spacey, euro game where you are trying to be the first to embark upon intergalactic space exploration.


Returning to Kickstarter on August 10 2021, Richard Davis of Dark Frontier Games is bringing out a re-worked version of his original design. And although I never played the first iteration, I have been rolling, fighting and defending my way around the newest prototype for Planet XS. 


Queendomino is a tile drafting, area management game. Taking on the role of feudal Lords or Ladies competing for the Queen’s favour, you are building out your Queendom (in a 5×5 or 7×7 (2 player) grid) using a mechanism based solidly in the dominion of that most ancient of Chinese gaming grand daddies, dominoes. 

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