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Publisher: Stonemaier Games and Bezier Games Designer: Ben Rosset and Matthew O’Malley Artist: Agnieszka Dąbrowiecka, Laura Bevon, Bartłomiej Kordowski Release date: 2019 Player Count: 3-7 Players (2 players possible with a bot player) Time: 45-60 minutes Age: 10+ Bury Board Game Score: 8/10 One of my favourite bands are The Dead Weather. They’re something of […]


Kombo Klash is my first game from publisher, Hub Games, and I was excited to see what this little square box would reveal when it dropped through my door. And designer, Ondrej Sova, and artist, Jake Parker, have created one colourful clash indeed! 

So, what is Kombo Klash all about? Well, the name says it all, really. It is game where you and your opponents are battling it out to try and score points by laying sets of matching tiles on a shared board.


I am currently stoned. No, not that, you naughty Nellies! I mean that I am filled to the brim with gorgeous, chunky, colourful, patterned tiles. 

Having recently binged on Mandala Stones like a squirrel let loose in a nut factory, I am very happy indeed. 

BRAINS Japanese Garden Puzzle Game

Publisher: Pegasus SpieleDesigner: Reina Knizia Artist: Andreas Resch Release date: 2016 1 Player Age: 8+ 1 – 5 mins per puzzle Favouritefoe score:7.5/10 Feeling brainy? I’d love to say that I fire on all cylinders on a daily basis, but that would be fibbing! It doesn’t stop me loving strategy games, however, so designer Reina […]


Queendomino is a tile drafting, area management game. Taking on the role of feudal Lords or Ladies competing for the Queen’s favour, you are building out your Queendom (in a 5×5 or 7×7 (2 player) grid) using a mechanism based solidly in the dominion of that most ancient of Chinese gaming grand daddies, dominoes. 

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