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Day At The Festival by Big Potato Games comprises a 1,000 piece jigsaw that includes 101 band/artists. Only after building the puzzle itself does the real challenge begin! This is one headlining Puzzame / Guzzle that everybody is going to want a ticket to see!


A veteran of the gaming scene, Dobble (aka Spot it) is a fun, social pattern matching game for gamers of all ages. Kids and grown ups alike can’t get enough of this addictive twist on age old spot the difference games! With only one symbol repeating on each set of cards, the pressure is on to “spot it”!


Checkpoint Charlie from Devir Games is a quick, light, deduction card game in which players are using their own detective skills to work out which cunning cat is the chief of spies. 
Everyone wants to be top-dog and they are going to put their noses to the ground to sniff out the spymaster and his moggy minion! But will the game prove to be a cracking case or an unsolved mystery? 


You may not know this but, as well as being a complete board game addict, I also really enjoy jigsaw puzzles.  And, I am very happy to say, that my own Bearded Moon and Mini-meeple are fellow dedicated dissectologists.  However, it didn’t strike me that we actually collect jigsaw puzzles until we rearranged our cupboard […]

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