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Demeter is a flip-and-write game with a dino-tastic theme! Set in the same universe as Ganymede, this is a strategic, combo centric pencil-and paper that will make you come back for more!


Do you have dreams of being an architect? Do you eat, sleep, and dream building projects? If so, Floor Plan could be a game for you. Simply roll and write your way to satisfying a variety of client des res demands. Beware, however, as your designs will be at the unpredictable mercy of the dice!


Patchwork Doodle is a fast, multiplayer reimplementation of Uwe Rosenberg’s storming 2 player puzzle game, Patchwork. And that quilt constructing gem is one of my longest owned games. In fact, I have two copies (original and Christmas themed) because it is so darn good!

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