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Harvesting grapes to satisfy demanding wineries can be hard but rewarding work. And, if you want the prestige of being the best in the biz, grafting those vines into fine wines is the only way to do it!


Available to buy this summer, Mazescape is a set of labyrinths which are revealed as you journey around them, looking for artefacts and ultimately the way out! 

But, just like a map from those crazy pre-Google, pre-smart phone, pre-sat nav days, your journey literally unfolds before your eyes. 


Have you ever wondered what would happen if a fire breathing, chicken eating, treasure hoarding dragon decided to upgrade its usual game of Snap with a bit of Spot the Difference? Oh, and not forgetting its fondness for a bit of mantra chanting for good measure. I say usual but there is of course nothing regular about that scenario……..or this game! 


In case you haven’t played any others in the KOSMOS range (which I understand is going through a bit of a re-launch at the moment), Ubongo means “brains” in Swahili. And, just like its bigger siblings, you will need to set your mind to the tasks at hand if you are going to win!

Using a double-sided deck of cards, you are tasked with filling in your randomly selected grid using the 8 small polyomino tiles at your disposal.  A new puzzle card is distributed to each player every round with eight rounds making up a full game. But, each grid only has room for 3 (Set A) or 4 (Set B) tiles in total. So it is down to you to tessellate and test until you can fit them in exactly without overlapping or leaving any individual squares exposed. 

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