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Always fancied being a zoo-keeper, but never had the room to house hephalumps? Well, thanks to publisher, Unfringed Things, and debut designer Chris Priscott, you will soon be able to add Zuuli-ologist to your CV! Containing a bucketful of cute, as well as a sprinkling of think, this friendly looking little card game provides a fiercer gaming experience than first meets the eye!


Tucano is a colourful, quick game from HELVETIQ’s small box range. With fellow shelf buddies includes the likes of BANDIDO, BANDIDA, and KOMPROMAT, this colourful offering flew down to our table this week and drew us in.


Patchwork Doodle is a fast, multiplayer reimplementation of Uwe Rosenberg’s storming 2 player puzzle game, Patchwork. And that quilt constructing gem is one of my longest owned games. In fact, I have two copies (original and Christmas themed) because it is so darn good!

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