Saggyhead needs no introduction; she’s a board gaming tour de force. Playing fast and hard is her happy place, and she doesn’t take any prisoners! With a smile as bright as the yellow meeples she favours, it is an honour to share her thoughts, opinions, & general musings about all things board gaming! 

Saggyhead is my online presence. I love to write, but I separate my scientific writing and my hobbyist posts by using my Saggy nom de plume! I live with my partner, affectionately known in polite circles as Marvin Marigolds, and our two rescue felines. 

On my instagram, you will find a healthy mix of food, board games and cats, and a smattering of exercise. During the roller-coaster of the last twelve months, I, like favouritefoe, have turned to board games in a big way. I have found that the pandemic has affected my mental health significantly and I really don’t think I am alone in that. We have started playing a lot of board games, it gives us something non-TV related to do, more things to talk about, and we’ve made gaming pals like Favouritefoe to boot! 

I have combined my love for games and writing and I am a blogger for Zatu and as well as a being cheeky guest on this brilliant site! 


My instagram link is: