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Publisher: Stonemaier Games and Bezier Games Designer: Ben Rosset and Matthew O’Malley Artist: Agnieszka Dąbrowiecka, Laura Bevon, Bartłomiej Kordowski Release date: 2019 Player Count: 3-7 Players (2 players possible with a bot player) Time: 45-60 minutes Age: 10+ Bury Board Game Score: 8/10 One of my favourite bands are The Dead Weather. They’re something of […]

BRAINS Japanese Garden Puzzle Game

Publisher: Pegasus SpieleDesigner: Reina Knizia Artist: Andreas Resch Release date: 2016 1 Player Age: 8+ 1 – 5 mins per puzzle Favouritefoe score:7.5/10 Feeling brainy? I’d love to say that I fire on all cylinders on a daily basis, but that would be fibbing! It doesn’t stop me loving strategy games, however, so designer Reina […]


SAGGYHEAD:  Another month is done, and it is time for me, Saggyhead, to enter the Board Gaming Ring with the dangermouse that is Favouritefoe. This month, safe-hands Saggyhead will be the Ace introducing the Favouritefoe Apprentice crew to the polyominal tile laying game, Bärenpark.  Year: 2017 Publisher: Lookout Games Designer: Phil Walker-Harding Artist: Klemenz Franz Player […]


Publisher: Lookout SpieleDesigner: Uwe Rosenberg Artist: Frans Klemenz, Fran, Rex Lee, Gru TSow Release date: 2014 2 Players Age: 8+ 30 mins Favouritefoe score: 9/10 *Abstract * Strategy * Polyomino * Tile layer * Festive Re-wrap * Perfect Information * Economic * Christmas Quilts! Playing Uwe Rosenberg’s most celebrated and beloved polyomino games at Christmas? […]

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