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Interview with Vladimir Orellana – PR for Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) Vladimir Orellana, aka @seniorwatashi, is a member of the public relations team at AEG. With the most exciting entry into the board gaming industry I have heard, Vladimir’s passion for all things gaming knows no end. As a creator, I am privileged to be […]


FAVOURITEFOE: Favouritefoe: ok, Saggyhead, this month’s pick is an absolute crowning glory! It almost needs no introduction, so I am going straight in! Year: 2016 Publisher: Coiledspring Games Designer: Bruno Cathala Artist: Cyril Bouquet Player Count: 2-4 Publisher Recommended Age: 8+ (tried and tested 5+) Heavyweight: Favouritefoe aka “the Kingmaker” Light flyweight: Saggyhead aka “the […]


Always fancied being a zoo-keeper, but never had the room to house hephalumps? Well, thanks to publisher, Unfringed Things, and debut designer Chris Priscott, you will soon be able to add Zuuli-ologist to your CV! Containing a bucketful of cute, as well as a sprinkling of think, this friendly looking little card game provides a fiercer gaming experience than first meets the eye!


Harvesting grapes to satisfy demanding wineries can be hard but rewarding work. And, if you want the prestige of being the best in the biz, grafting those vines into fine wines is the only way to do it!

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