Roll & Colour and Plastic Currents – an ideal Christmas card for every gamer on your festive list!

Dissent Games have come up with a very cool festive idea this year – Christmas cards that are also solo games!

Having been sent two prototypes to try, we thought we would give them a go…..before Halloween…..I know. We need help!


Roll & Colour

This is a colouring game where you are trying to fill the sky with stars of 6 different shades. You allocate each dice a colour, but only get points if the stars in each box are different colours. And the row, column, and colour each turn are limited by rolling 3 dice. 17 Turns to transform 17 stars into a multicolour night sky. We loved this, and so did Mini-meeple. (Confession time: we actually used the same rolls and turned it into a colouring competition – I lost of course! Haha)

The card quality and printing is lovely, and I would be super excited to receive such a fun, game related Christmas card through our door!


(nb: that the instructions on our copies said “squares” rather than rectangles, but I think this related to a previous design trial. In any event, we worked it out very easily and hopefully this will be amended in the final version).

Plastic Currents

This is a more puzzly game. You are trying to rid the sea of plastic (using whatever small objects you have to hand) by using one d6 dice as a fishing net. The dice roll determines which direction the current is moving the plastic (out of a possible 6), so it is your job to mitigate the flow and collect it all. You do this by placing your “net” (dice) in the square you think will eliminate the most plastic each turn, bearing in mind that the plastic is going to move.


You must also add an extra piece of plastic to any row or column which still has something in it at the end of each turn. I must admit that I went round in circles a little on this one. Shadowmeeplemedia did a lot better than me, but then he always does in spatial games! We found the length of a game also depends a lot on the dice rolls – one was done in a few turns, another took much longer. But it was fun to try. It also made me think about just how much plastic there is in our oceans, as well as how tricky it is to remove!

A big thanks to Dissent Games for sending these prototypes to us! I am told that that the final versions will be available to purchase later this month. If you would like to know more about these Christmas Cards and/or the campaigns Dissent Games are involved in, check out their Facebook/Insta feed and their website

[please note that copies of these cards were kindly provided by the publisher for the purposes of this review but any opinions expressed are my own]